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Company – Bakery, pastry shop and pizzeria machines

Company RAM, can count on a staff that boasts of a more than thirty years competence in the bakery, pastry shop and pizzeria machines field.

This implies a long experience and a deep knowledge of the market and customers’ needs.

We are able to offer our customers four complete range of machineries:

  • Dividers
  • Planetary mixers
  • Dough sheeters
  • Bread slicers

And also some other machines needful in bakery and pastry shops that do not fall into these categories.

The constant attention and research of new materials and new technical solutions, make our machines more and more reliable, safe and durable in time. Thanks to this goal we currently have a full range of machineries, all of great quality at a very competitive price, and this has allowed us to successfully affirm all over the world.

To this must be added a professional and fast pre and post-sale service, able to respond to all customer requests.