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Bread mill

Bread millAutomatic bread mill: practical and easy to use!

In recent years, more and more bakers and small companies have decided to buy bread mills for their business. The reason is easy to understand: every day, leftover bread would be thrown away, which would be a waste; that is why it is a good thing to turn any leftover bread into an ingredient to be resold or use for other preparations.

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Let’s see what our bread mills can offer and how an investment in this machine can be useful for you as well.

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Bun divider

Bun dividerThanks to the RAM bun dividers, it can be very easy to prepare cakes, breads and pizza

Ram, specialized in manufacturing professional machines for bakery products, offers different models of bun divider, perfect for preparing donuts, small buns, small pizzas, milk bread and many other delicacies.

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Each model, from the simplest to the most equipped, is made of high-quality steel without any plastic components.

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Pizza equipment

Pizza equipmentPizza equipment: everything you need just a click away!

Those who work in a pizzeria restaurant knows how difficult it is to find the proper equipment. The offer of the market is wide, but it is difficult to find pizza equipment that is a good value while having a cutting-edge performance.

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That is why we have decided to enlarge our catalog with pizza equipment that meets all the expectations, being suitable for small companies and family managed restaurants that want to enlarge their business. Let’s discover what you can find in our range.

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Pastry machines

Pastry machinesRAM, with decades of experience in the manufacture of pastry machines, proposes products able to meet any need

Our company knows everything about the industry of dough working and we’re able to offer a complete range of pastry machines and baking machines.

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The quality of materials is a critical topic to us, which is why we only select high resistant steel, avoiding the insertion of plastic parts. Our machines are designed to last over time, but we continue thinking of our customers long after that.

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Hydraulic dividers for leavened dough

Hydraulic dividers for leavened doughHydraulic dividers for leavened dough: practicability and versatility always at your fingertips

If we told you about hydraulic dividers for leavened dough, you wouldn’t be able to help but think of how these accessories could be useful for those who work in a bakery, pastry shop or a pizzeria restaurant. Compact and easy to use, the dividers are, in fact, the perfect tool for those who want to speed up production without sacrificing the quality of a job well-done.

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Let’s see what makes our dividers so unique and how you can select the best product for your needs.

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Hexagonal dividers

Hexagonal dividers: the great innovation that you didn’t expect!

Hexagonal dividersNot everybody knows that, in the last few years, the manufacturers of dough dividers have decided to expand their range and create innovative systems for the production of bakery, pastry shop and pizzeria products.

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Therefore, along with square and rectangular dividers, hexagonal dividers are now available. This is an important innovation for those who work in this sector. Let’s see how these machines work and why it’s worth buying them.

The characteristics that make this product unique

Hexagonal dividers will soon spread over the market because of the following:

  • They are compact and fit better in the available space;
  • They are efficient because they cut the dough in a way that reduces waste as much as possible;
  • They are functional because they can be cleaned easily or are even equipped with automatic cleaning devices;
  • They are practical and can be used even by non-expert staff.

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Square dividers

Square dividersSquare dividers: discover all the advantages of an indispensable accessory

It does not matter whether you are cutting dough to make savouries, or a base for cakes to be filled: what counts is having square dividers that can cut the dough accurately, with minimum product waste and product damage.

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A considerable challenge, but a challenge our square dividers overcome brilliantly.

Our square dividers offer various advantages. In particular these accessories boast:

  • an oven coated steel structure
  • an AISI 304 stainless steel bowl
  • double gasket between tank and control unit
  • AISI 304 stainless steel bolted knives

In fact, mounting bolted knives means we are able to produce machines that offer much more precise cutting and longer life: a considerable advantage for anyone investing in this type of product.

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Automatic bread slicers

Automatic bread slicers: the accessory you were waiting for

Slice, prepare and package: for operators in the breadmaking sector these are automatic processes repeated day after day, which can become much faster if the right tools are used.

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This is why we have decided to create automatic bread slicers that are simple to use, but extremely efficient in perfectly finishing each task.

Why you should buy an automatic bread slicer

Our automatic bread slicers are fitted with very strong Teflon blades that can slice any type of bread, even the toughest, like rye.

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Semiautomatic bread slicers

Semiautomatic bread slicersThe semiautomatic bread slicer you have been looking for

To slice any type of bread

The Ram Srl Blade line of semiautomatic bread slicers are designed and created to satisfy the various needs of the market.

They are compact, attractive and ergonomic, ideal for slicing any type of bread. With the option of lubrication and Teflon blades, they can even slice bread with high rye content.

The best semiautomatic bread slicers guarantee maximum reliability, slicing precision and long life. The bearings mounted on the swinging blade movement prevent noise, wear and ensure low maintenance. In fact, apart from being time wasting and inconvenient, maintenance is also a very high cost factor.

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Bread slicers

Bread slicers

How should you choose your bread slicer?

Various factors have to be considered when choosing a bread slicer

A top quality product is made from top quality ingredients and tools, which is why it is very important to choose the right bread slicer after carefully considering each single aspect first.

Bread slicers can be automatic, semiautomatic or industrial, so it depends on the individual requirements and the specific use that will be made. The best manufacturers of automatic bread slicers give you a choice of worktop models, a model on a shelved trolley on wheels or horizontal models.

No matter what type of bread slicer you need, what make it special are the optionals and accessories. Crumb trays, slice guide flaps, stainless steel chute for packaging bread, Teflon blade kit, blade lubrication kit, safety guards and bag openers can all be very useful and customise your slicer and make it as efficient as you want.

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