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1) Weights and dimensions are approximate. The supplier can make, at any time, changes or modifications he might judge necessary, during construction of goods, during/after the assembly of goods. This will not be a reason for the buyer to claim or act.

2) Goods travel at buyer’s risk, even if the transport is at supplier’s charge. Insurance will be made only if formally requested by the buyer and at its total charge. Packaging freights are at buyer’s charge.

3) The supplier has no responsibility for eventual accidents to the personnel helping supplier’s technicians; for damages to buyer, third people and/or things caused by the activity of supplier’s technicians; for any damage caused by the presence, use, break-downs and/or defects of the equipment.

4) The location of the equipment, the features of the building, chimneys, air ducts, connections (i.e. fuel, gas, air compressed, water, electricity, etc.) must be in compliance with local laws. Supplier’s technicians are authorised only to assemble the equipment supplied Ram S.r.L. and they are not entitled to check the works pertaining the buyer.

5) The guarantee shall cover any defect in material or manufacture in any of the parts manufactured by the supplier within a period of 12 (twelve) months from shipping date, excluded the electric parts. The supplier undertake to replace defective parts, ex-works and without customs clearance, net of labour costs. The replacement of some parts during the guarantee period does not extend it. No guarantee shall be given for damages caused by a period of inactivity of the machines. The buyer loses the right of the guarantee: if he does not respect the terms of payment; if damages are caused by: unskilled and/or careless handling, abnormal use, negligence, overloading, bad maintenance, tampering or adjustments to machinery not laid down or authorised by the producer, irregularity or shortage in electricity supply; force majeure. The guarantee doesn’t include normal wear and tear and deterioration of the machines and its accessories; for the material produced by third parties the guarantee period will be the one given by third parties. Electric parts are excluded. Any vice or defect must be reported to the supplier by registered mail, peremptorily within 8 (eight) days from date of discovery. For any check or general overhaul, required by the buyer or supposed necessary by the supplier during the guarantee period, machines or any part of them must be delivered or collected at supplier’s office at buyer’s charge. The supplier does not assume any engagement about the quality of the product obtained with his equipment because this result depends on many elements, e.g. operator’s skill, quality and quantities of the ingredients, etc.

6) For any controversy that might arise from the present contract, both parties recognise the court of Vicenza as the only competent court.  

The Buyer, by signing the pro-forma invoice, states to have read and approved all sale conditions stated above and precisely the conditions relative to the right of the supplier to make changes or modifications, if necessary (it. 1); to the transport risks and packaging costs (it. 2); to the non-responsibility of the buyer for eventual accidents and/or damages, even if caused by the use, break-downs and/or defects of the equipment (it. 3); to the obligation of the buyer to observe local laws concerning the location of the equipment, the features of the building, chimneys, air ducts, connections etc. (it. 4); to the limits of the authority of the supplier’s technicians (it. 4); to the guarantee and its duration, contents, validity, exclusions, etc.(it. 5); to the exclusive competency of the court of Vicenza (it. 6).

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