Semiautomatic bread slicers

Semiautomatic bread slicersThe semiautomatic bread slicer you have been looking for

To slice any type of bread

The Ram Srl Blade line of semiautomatic bread slicers are designed and created to satisfy the various needs of the market.

They are compact, attractive and ergonomic, ideal for slicing any type of bread. With the option of lubrication and Teflon blades, they can even slice bread with high rye content.

The best semiautomatic bread slicers guarantee maximum reliability, slicing precision and long life. The bearings mounted on the swinging blade movement prevent noise, wear and ensure low maintenance. In fact, apart from being time wasting and inconvenient, maintenance is also a very high cost factor.

Semiautomatic bread slicers designed with care

Are you ready to choose your semiautomatic bread slicer?

A well-constructed and top quality semiautomatic bread slicer is recognized from the details. A silent, compact and well-accessorised appliance is definitely a guarantee.

In Ram Srl, the semiautomatic slicers are made with scrupulous attention to even the smallest details such as the side handle positioned at the ideal height to ensure a practical grip and prevent excess fatigue for the user.

There are three types of semiautomatic bread slicers: worktop models, a model on a shelved trolley on wheels or horizontal models.

A good manufacturer normally produces automatic and industrial slicers as well, and is fully trained to give you advice about the most suitable appliance and accessories for your needs.

Talking of accessories! All Ram Srl bread slicers are fitted with the crumb tray and stainless steel chute for packaging the bread.

You can also choose from other accessories, including the Teflon blade kit, blade lubrication kit, safety guard and bag opener.

This means you can create your semiautomatic bread slicer to your specific needs, and have a customised appliance made to measure for you! You can even choose a different colour so that your bread slicer fully reflects your business image.

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