Bun divider

Bun dividerThanks to the RAM bun dividers, it can be very easy to prepare cakes, breads and pizza

Ram, specialized in manufacturing professional machines for bakery products, offers different models of bun divider, perfect for preparing donuts, small buns, small pizzas, milk bread and many other delicacies.

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Each model, from the simplest to the most equipped, is made of high-quality steel without any plastic components.

Our bun divider can make different amounts of dough (from 2.08 kg to 4 kg) depending on the number of pieces to cut and the weight of each piece. The models are distinguished according to the operations they can perform. The dividers can be as follows:

  • semi-automatic dividers that press, cut and round dough by manually activating 2 levers;
  • semi-automatic dividers that press and cut automatically but round through the operation of 1 manual lever;
  • semi-automatic dividers that press and cut automatically, round by means of 1 manual lever, memorize up to 100 programs, and offers touch screen controls;
  • automatic dividers that press and round automatically, can memorize up to 100 programs, and offers touch screen controls.

Select your bun divider according to the volume of your sales and be sure that you will also enjoy our after-sales service.


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