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Bakery machines

RAM Srl, the leading company in making bakery machines: several proposals with quality in common

Bakery machinesRAM Srl specializes in making and selling bakery machines: thanks to its experience in the industry, it can boast a great competence and deep knowledge of the needs that operators are interested in satisfying.

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Therefore, bakery machines are designed and made in order to meet market requirements and the operators’ needs.

Whether you need manual or automatic dough sheeters, hexagonal or dough divider rounders, dough and butter presses, or any other machine, our equipment is ideal for those who make bread as well as cakes or pizzas because we focus on meeting the highest quality standards.

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Dough divider rounders

All secrets of RAM Srl’s industrial dough divider rounders: functionality and a long life in just one machine

Dough divider roundersThe industrial dough divider rounders are available in different models and can meet any need, which is why it stands apart in the RAM Srl catalog.

Equipped with stainless steel knives, these technological solutions offer a work cycle that includes pressing, cutting and rounding.

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The selection of material is essential to ensure the quality of industrial dough ball cutting machine and its performance: this is why its structure is made with painted steel and the dividing disk is made of treated cast aluminum.

No detail is left to chance. The RAM Srl dough divider rounders are precise and reliable for any type of working.

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Manual dough sheeters

Why choosing RAM Srl’s manual dough sheeters: friendly-use and practical whenever you need it

Manual dough sheetersThe manual dough sheeters included in the RAM Srl catalog represent the most suitable machines for those who need simplicity and practicability without taking up too much space, since they are compact and their shelves and tops can be closed.

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Both the stand-alone machines or the machines equipped with coaster wheels are easy to manage and handle because they are equipped with a front handle that allows one to easily see the opening of cylinders.

Moreover, the joy-stick positioned on top permits the operator to benefit from keeping a non-tiring ergonomic position.

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Bakery equipment

RAM Srl’s bakery equipment and the possible uses in any type of workshop that makes high quality dough

Bakery equipmentRAM Srl specializes in the production and sale of Bakery equipment: a wide selection of products that allows you to perfectly deal with all works and procedures that are necessary in a bakery or pastry shop.

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The equipment catalog that RAM Srl proposes to its customers is rich and varied: such as dough and butter presses, manual dough sheeters, square dough cutters, automatic dough sheeters, round dough dividers, hexagonal dough cutters and planetary mixers.

Each piece of bakery equipment is appreciated for its high quality standard and its capability to last a long time, maintaining their functionality even after many years.

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