Hexagonal dividers

Hexagonal dividers: the great innovation that you didn’t expect!

Hexagonal dividersNot everybody knows that, in the last few years, the manufacturers of dough dividers have decided to expand their range and create innovative systems for the production of bakery, pastry shop and pizzeria products.

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Therefore, along with square and rectangular dividers, hexagonal dividers are now available. This is an important innovation for those who work in this sector. Let’s see how these machines work and why it’s worth buying them.

The characteristics that make this product unique

Hexagonal dividers will soon spread over the market because of the following:

  • They are compact and fit better in the available space;
  • They are efficient because they cut the dough in a way that reduces waste as much as possible;
  • They are functional because they can be cleaned easily or are even equipped with automatic cleaning devices;
  • They are practical and can be used even by non-expert staff.

Considering these characteristics, the hexagonal dividers are a perfect investment for any business and manager. These machines are perfect for preparing sweet or savory breads and are the best for those who want to attract their customers with one of a kind recipes.


If you don’t yet know which hexagonal divider you should buy or if you want to discover our wide range of products, contact us now: we will be ready to advise you and help you make the best investment for your business.