• Description

    Semiautomatic bread slicer BS450/530H
    The semiautomatic bread slicer of our Blade line made to satisfy the different need of the market.
    Solid and ergonomic design, it’s suitable for cutting any bread type, even that at high rye contents (with oiling and teflon blades option). Great reliability, cutting precision and long lasting in time thanks to the bearings mounted on the oscillatory movement of the knives that avoid noise, wear and, most of all, frequent maintenances. The side handle is designed and positioned at a right height to warrant an easy handgrip and to prevent the strain of the operator.

    Available in three versions:

    • Bench model (BS 450B – BS 530B)
    • Shelved structure on wheels (BS 450S – BS530S)
    • Horizontal (BS 450H – BS 530H)

    Standard in all models breadcrumbs tray and stainless steel slide for bread packaging.

  • Accessories

    Semiautomatic bread slicer BS450/530H - accessories

  • Technical Specifications

    Semiautomatic bread slicer BS450/530H - technical specifications