Pastry machines

Pastry machinesRAM, with decades of experience in the manufacture of pastry machines, proposes products able to meet any need

Our company knows everything about the industry of dough working and we’re able to offer a complete range of pastry machines and baking machines.

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The quality of materials is a critical topic to us, which is why we only select high resistant steel, avoiding the insertion of plastic parts. Our machines are designed to last over time, but we continue thinking of our customers long after that.

We think of our customers’ need in their business and offer pastry machines able to work different amounts of dough.

So, we have a complete range of models including planetary mixers, dough sheeters, and dough and butter presses. Moreover, planetary mixers are available in different capacity models able to meet the needs of anyone. Planetary mixers are available in different capacities such as 40 l, 60 l, 80 l, 130 l and 160 l.

Dough sheeters are also available in different models such as table top or stand alone with casters. They provide different quantities of dough and come in three versions: manual, semiautomatic or automatic. The dough and butter presses come in two models: semi-automatic or automatic.


In short, the range of RAM pastry machines is so wide that you can find the perfect product to arrange or renovate your business. Furthermore, our After-sale assistance service will always be available to you.

Contact us: we would be happy to share our experience in order to provide you with the information you need.